Announcement on the Entry Quarantine Policy of South Korea


                            (Unofficial Translation for Reference Only)

                            The South Korean Embassy in China reported that in order to strengthen the prevention and control of the epidemic situation of the personnel coming to South Korea, the Ministry of Disaster Safety Countermeasures of the Central Government of South Korea announced on March 29, 2020 that all passengers entering South Korea need to be isolated at home or centralized for 14 days from 0:00 on April 1.

                            1、 Passengers with symptoms during entry quarantine

                            Passengers was detected at the open screening site of the airport,  whose detection result of new coronavirus nucleic acid is negative should be isolated for 14 days. Those who are positive will be transferred to a hospital or a life treatment center for treatment.

                            2、 Asymptomatic passengers at entry quarantine

                            South Korean citizens and long-term resident foreigners need to be isolated at home for 14 days. If there is no residence or it is difficult to be isolated at home in South Korea, they will be isolated in designated places for 14 days. For short-term resident foreigners, they will be isolated in designated places for 14 days.

                            3、 Exemption from quarantine (in case of the following circumstances among short-term residents)

                            After the inspection at the airport, it needs to receive dynamic monitoring (input whether there are symptoms on the self diagnosis app, and the health care department will call every day to check and confirm the exit situation).

                            (1) Holders of A1 (diplomatic), A2 (official) and A3 (agreement) visas (only for themselves, excluding family members).

                            (2) Anyone who is recognized for the following purposes and who has been issued a "letter of exemption from home quarantine" by the Korean embassy or consulate abroad before entering the country.

                            That is, important business activities, academic (international conferences), other public or humanitarian needs, etc.

                            4、 The problem of centralized isolation cost bearing

                            Those who have no residence or are not suitable for home isolation in South Korea shall be isolated at designated places. During the isolation period, food and accommodation fees and other related fees will be charged to the quarantined personnel.

                            This is to remind the relevant inbound Korean passengers to know and hope that you can understand, support and cooperate.


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