Top Ten British Airways Tips

                            As holidaymakers prepare to set off, British Airways’ cabin crew today share their top tips to make travelling that little bit easier.

                            1.Travel like a celebrity and pack a pashmina. They are particularly good if you’re moving between different climates and always useful to have on board. Fold away shoes are also a great item to have in your hand luggage if you want to ditch the heels for flats and use up minimal space.

                            2.Always carry a pen in your hand luggage for forms that need to be filled in prior to arrival.

                            3.Leave a bit of space at the top of any toiletry bottles – it will prevent them leaking as the aircraft becomes pressurised at altitude. Also, make sure you only bring 100ml liquids in your hand luggage and that they fit in a plastic bag that’s no more than 20cm x 20cm (sandwich bags are a good option).

                            4.Take your own teabags if you’re fussy about your cup of tea.

                            5.Join the British Airways Executive Club – it’s free and has plenty of benefits. If you’re a member you will also be considered first if the airline is looking for people to upgrade.

                            6.Take baby wipes – they’re great for refreshing adults as well as children.

                            7.Load the British Airways mobile app, which will let you check in for your British Airways flight and issue you with your boarding pass from the comfort of your sun lounger.

                            8.If you’re off on a beach holiday, pack your swim wear in your hand luggage so you can slip into it and head straight to the sea or the pool when you arrive. Also pack a sarong if your beach towel is taking up precious space.

                            9.Choose to fly with British Airways that gives customers in World Traveller Plus premium economy/World Traveller economy class the option to check-in two 23kg bags as well as allowing them to carry one 23kg bag in the cabin*. That’s a lot of outfits and is particularly generous.

                            10.So you don’t have that terrifying moment at the airport when you realise you’ve left your passport in the safe, put one of the shoes you’re wearing home in there with it. Sounds ridiculous, but it works!

                            By following these simple guidelines, customers are able to travel with the minimum of fuss and make the most of valuable leisure time.

                            Notes to editors
                            * Your checked baggage allowance will vary depending on the class of travel and ticket type you book:

                            Ticket Type              Baggage Allowance      Weight per bag
                            World Traveller Plus premium economy    2 bags           23kg
                            World Traveller Y class (full-fare economy)   2 bags           23kg
                            World Traveller economy           1 bag            23kg

                            About British Airways
                            British Airways’ route network currently serves more than 179 destinations in 75 countries. The airline has been flying to mainland China for over 30 years and currently offers daily flights from Beijing and Shanghai to London, and five flights a week in summer schedule as well as three flights a week in winter schedule from Chengdu to London. Now travellers can also book flights on to travel to the UK and Europe from Chongqing, Changsha, Fuzhou, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Nanjing, Sanya, Wuhan, Guangzhou and Xiamen via Beijing, Shanghai or Chengdu on Air China, China Eastern Airlines or Hainan Airlines or via Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific or Dragonair.

                            British Airways is investing £5 billion in new aircraft, smarter cabins, elegant lounges and new technologies to make life more comfortable in the air and on the ground.

                            The airline operates from the state-of-the-art Terminal 5 at London Heathrow, which is exclusive to British Airways’ and Iberia Airlines’ customers and is capable of handling 31.6 million customers a year. In 2015, Terminal 5 was named by Skytrax as the World’s Best Airport Terminal for the fourth year running. London Heathrow Airport also won the Best Airport Shopping award for the sixth time.

                            In October 2014, British Airways was awarded the Best Airline, Best Short-Haul Airline and Best Frequent Flyer Programme by Business Traveller for the second consecutive year. The oneworld alliance, of which British Airways was a founding airline, came first in the Best Alliance category.

                            In March 2015, British Airways was also named the top Business and Consumer Superbrand at the Superbrands 2015 Awards, becoming the first travel brand to win both prestigious titles.

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                            T: (010) 8580 0783          T: (021) 6360 5511
                            Cherry Zhang              Seara Zhong
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